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Types of Pulverizer Machine for Spices

riqiApr13, 2018 noteBy Serena
According to the D90 standard of the fineness of the spice powder (90% of the material reached the fineness), the pulverizer machine can be divided into corase pulverizer (under 60 mesh), powder grinder (60-120 mesh), superfine pulverizer (120-300 mesh), and ultramicro pulverizer (over 300 orders).
The external force applied to the material during crushing is four kinds of pressing, rolling, shearing, impact and grinding. It is mainly used in coarse and medium crushing, suitable for the crushing of hard material and bulk material; shearing is mainly used for crushing or crushing, suitable for the crushing of ductile or fibrous materials; impact (strike) is mainly used in crushing and disaggregation and is suitable for crushing brittle materials; grinding is mainly in ultrafine powder and ultramicro pulverization, suitable for fine fineness powder. Superfine comminution after crushing.
Spices Pulverizer Machine
The use of various tyoes of pulverizer machine for spices:
1. Large pulverizer (equipment with high output under the same crushing fineness) is mainly applicable to the crushing and processing of metallurgical, building materials, chemical industry, mine, highway construction, water conservancy and hydropower, refractory, steel and other industries.
2. Small pulverizer (with low output equipment under the same crushing fineness) is mainly applied to the crushing of materials in the food, chemical, medical, green, sanitation and other industries.
3. The coarse crushing machine is mainly used for the comminution pretreatment in various industries. The main function of the machine is to process the large diameter material (5-10cm) to the smaller diameter granular material (diameter 5-10mm).
4. The pulverizer is mainly used in the middle fineness comminution operation in various industries. Its function is to process the granular material to the medium fineness powder in need of diameter for subsequent treatment or as the finished product.
5. Ultramicro pulverizer is mainly used in the ultramicromining operation in most industries. It is to smash the material after the comminution operation to meet the required material diameter. It is mainly used for the raw material processing of high end products.

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