Grinding Pulverizer Machine for Spices Powder

Material: spices
Capacity: 100-300kg/h
Loading Port: Qingdao Port


Brief Introduction of Grinding Pulverizer Machine:
Toothed pulverizer: the required powder is obtained by the filtration of the stainless steel screen through high speed shear and hammer driven by high speed shear and hammer in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, scientific research, metallurgy and other industrial sectors. This series of grinding machines have the characteristics of low temperature, small noise and high efficiency. It is suitable for crushing dry brittle materials such as spices, chemical materials, Chinese medicinal materials and so on.
Working Principle of Pulverizer Machine for Spices
Through the high-speed relative movement between the movable disk and the fixed disk, the crushed material can be smashed through the combined action of impact, shear and friction between the movable disk and the fixed disk, and the impact between the materials.
Grinding Pulverizer Machine
Structure Characteristics of Pulverizer Machine for Powder
1. The movement of the machine is one way, high-speed and continuous rotation. It's high-speed rotation by motor, belt drive and movable disk. It adopts a single belt rotation and has high speed when rotating at high speed.
2. The front cover of the machine must be opened after the shutdown to clean the inner cavity of the machine so as to ensure the cleanliness of the machine's working face.
3. The crushed material can be discharged directly from the machine's abdomen.
4. The thickness of the crushing degree can be realized by different sizes of sieves.
The operating rules of the machine for the toothed pulverizer
1, the lubricating grease in the bearing seat should be replaced regularly.
2, the temperature rise of the bearing seat shall not exceed 35 degrees C
3. The protective cover of electrical and belt should not be dismantled at will.

Pulverizer Machine for Powder

Technical Data

Model LG-30B-C 
Capacity 100-300 kg/h
Revolution of spindle 3800r/min
Size of fed material (mm) 10
Crushing size 60-120 mesh
Crushing motor 5.5 kw
Cleaning motor 0.75 kw
Dimension(mm) 1200*650*1650
Weight 320 kg


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