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Commercial Cocoa Powder Grinder Machine Supplier in China

riqiSep14, 2018 noteBy Serena
Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery, a reliable commercial cocoa powder grinder machine supplier and manufacturer in China, presents the internal structure and maintenance of the cocoa powder grinder for everyone. Our company continues to develop new products and improve product quality, currently researches and develops many types of powder grinding equipment. LONGER company has advanced product testing equipment, inspection instruments and processing equipment, and has an excellent product development environment and product line. Products are strictly produced according to requirements. Its products with excellent performance in the same industry, high quality, not only favored by domestic customers, but also exported to many countries in the world.
commercial cocoa powder grinder machine supplier

Structural Characteristics of Commercial Cocoa Powder Grinder Machine:
This series of stainless steel grinder machine has compact structure and smooth operation. The machine is designed according to GMP standard. It can ensure the cleanliness of crushed materials, no dust flying in the production process, and can improve the utilization rate of materials.
This commercial cocoa powder grinder machines are mainly composed of base, spindle, casing, movable disc, fixed disc, screen, hopper, dust-blowing device, cyclone separator, cloth bag dedusting box and other major components. The movable disc is fixed on the main shaft, fixed disc is installed on the front cover. After the motor starts, the movable disc rotates along with the spindle at high speed.

Video of Commercia Cocoa Powder Grinder Machine China:

As the commercial cocoa powder grinder machine suppliers in China, the internal structure of the crusher includes a crusher O-ring, a rotary shaft lip seal (oil seal), and a crusher working medium: air, water, and mineral oil.
The following points need attention in the daily maintenance of the cocoa powder grinder:
1. Check the lubrication of the bearing before use is not good, check whether all the fasteners of the crusher are up to standard.
2. Check if the protective device of the shredder is good. If any unsafe device is found, it shall be promptly removed.
3. Check if the drive belt is installed correctly and in good condition. If it is found that the belt is damaged, it should be replaced in time. When there is oil on the belt or groove wheel, clean it with a clean rag.
4. Check whether the top or top screw of the hydraulic jacking machine is retracted, and whether the gasket is properly installed and its degree of compression.
5. Check the damaged cavity for material or other debris, if any, should be removed in time.

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Commercia Cocoa Powder Grinder in China

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