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Method for Dismounting Stator and Rotor

riqiSep14, 2017 noteBy Serena
The almond butter grinding machine is a kind of colloid mil, and it can be widely used to making nuts butter(peanut butter,tahini, almond paste, walnut butter etc.) and bean milks(soybean milk, peanut mlik etc). The main parts of collois mill are stator and rator. And the method for dismounting stator and rotor (grinding head) are as fellows:
One, unscrew the tapered charging bucket counterclockwise;
Two, turn the two handle counter clockwise to see if it can turn. If the rotor can be turned, the stator can be screwed together with an adjusting ring with two handles;
Three, If the two handle is turned counterclockwise, the following steps shall be removed:
1. Use wrench to remove the three inner six angle screws and the inlet and outlet taps on the dial;
2. Take the inner six corners fixed disc;
3. Turn the two handle counter clockwise and take the adjusting ring with two handles;
4, will see a disk (stator bracket), with three internal six square screws fixed, do not disassemble;
5, remove a bolt on the shaft, pay attention to the demolition of clockwise turn back screw, loosen the rotor out of the circular gland;
6, with three claws (special tools, hardware stores are sold, models for 8 inch) take hold of the outer round stator bracket, shaft pad suitable height of the nut, three claw center at the top of the nut, the six party clockwise three claw center shaft wrench card can be stator pull out from the hole;
7, remove the rotor: the rotor above two six angle bolts Panasonic, the rotor top level tapping down. With three claws (11kw, 6 inches, 18.5kw 8 inches), center top on the shaft, three claws on the lower edge of the rotor, rotating the center axis can be removed the rotor;
8, such as three claws can not be drawn out of the rotor, then loosen the motor belt, remove the pulley and bearing cap, from the top of the rotor will be knocked down the shaft, so that the rotor and shaft from the separation.
Four, install a new rotor (first install the key - rotor - rotor gland - reverse screw);
Five, connect the stator bracket with the new stator (install the O ring) and fit the stator;
Six, fit the adjusting ring and 2 F4 white pads, cover the dial, fix three studs and the water inlet and outlet.
Stator and Rotor of Butter Grinding Machine

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