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Cleaning Steps of Peanut Butter Production Machine

riqiSep13, 2017 noteBy Serena
Peanut butter production machine line can be widely used in the production and processing of many kinds of products, and it plays an important role in the food industry. The quality of filling production line is often related to the quality of products and production efficiency, enterprise benefit, is being more and more attention of production and processing enterprises. The filling production line can save the cost and improve the production efficiency to the maximum, and reduce the pollution to the environment while creating greater benefit for the enterprise.
1. after the peanut butter machine operation, immediately turn off the power switch, unplug the power plug. Dust, paper scraps and other wastes scattered on the surface or slit of the machine can be collected by the soft brush or cleaning cloth into the waste bin.
2. as far as possible to choose professional cleaning tools, cleaning cloth, brush, bucket, which are essential. Detergents use neutral detergents to prevent corrosive liquids from damaging the equipment.
3. clean up, fill in the equipment cleaning records, and ask the inspector to check, confirmed that after cleaning qualified, signed and affixed to "clean" status.
4. special circumstances clean at any time. In the cleaning process, problems are found in a timely manner, and if it is a clean problem, be thoroughly cleaned.
5. the machine surface clean and tidy, no visible oil pollution, pollution is the best standard. Clean the cleaning tools, clean and dry in the clean room and store in the appointed place.
6. production operations before and after each cleaning 1 times. Clean the variety 1 times. Clean up 1 times a week, clean the place where it is usually not easy to clean.
7. water wet cleaning cloth to wipe machine surface stains, grease is difficult to remove, available detergent wipe, but should ensure the final removal of residual cleaning agents.
Cleaning Peanut Butter Production Machine

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