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300-500 KG /H Almond Cracking Machine Price in India

riqiAug07, 2019 noteBy Serena
The almond cracking machine in India is a simple device to remove the hard shells. Single-stage shell breaking, adjustable clearance, so that different size almonds can be processed. The machine can also crack hazelnuts, palm kernels, peach kernels and so on.
Almond Cracking Machine Price in India
Almond Cracking Machine Price in India
We have two models of the almond sheller, the LG-KX1, capacity 300-500 kg/h and the LG-KX2, capacity 800-1000 kg/h. The price of a small production machine is less than $1,500.
Of course, the specific price depends on whether the customer has any changes to the machine material, voltage and frequency. For detailed prices, you can leave your email and we will send it to you.

Structure Features of Almond Cracking Machine India
  • Teh machine is equipped roller that is rotated by a chain, low noise level. 
  • The equipment mainly crack nut shell by relative extrusion of two rollers. The shelling effect is good and the damage rate of almond kenel is low.
  • All contact points are equipped with bearing connection.
  • The machine adopts 220V or 380V power, power 2.75kW, energy saving.
  • High efficiency, capacity 300-500 kg/h.

Working Video of Almond Cracking Machine India 

The above is single almond cracker, we also have a complete almond shelling line:
1. Hoist - 2. Almond grading machine - 3. Almond cracking machine - 4. Almond shell separator - 5.Almond grading machine - 6.Picking machine.

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