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Soya Milk Making Machine Manufacturer in Delhi

riqiDec21, 2017 noteBy Serena
Soya milk is a milky liquid product with good extraction properties after grinding soybeans. Its color is milky white to light yellow. Soya milk is made from high quality soybeans. It takes full advantage of plant protein resources and applies plant protein to improve protein titer and biological value, and contains many vitamins and minerals. It has high nutritional value. It is a healthy and nutritious drink of soy milk.
We are professional soya milk making machine manufacturer in China. The grinding machine is composed of a motor, a connecting body, a grinding head and a grinding disc adjusting device. The stator is made of steel and a grooved structure, and the suction disc and the diversion groove are designed into a single layer or a multi-layer rotator structure. The grinding disc Made of stainless steel, the disc surface has more than three grooves, divided into three poles. The rotor and the stator can be manually adjusted according to the viscosity, the output and the granularity of the material. The utility model has the advantages of large shearing rate, fast linear velocity, no dead angle, large processing capacity and good homogenizing effect.

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Soya Milk Making Machine Manufacturer


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