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LGJMS-110 Industrial Soya Milk Maker Machine Delivered to Philippines

riqiJul11, 2019 noteBy Serena
A LGJMS-110 soya milk maker machine ordered by a customer in the Philippines was produced and delivered to the Philippines. The customer has received the goods.

The industrial soya milk machine has superior functions of ultrafine grinding, dispersing emulsification, homogenizing and mixing. It is the perfect machine for making nut milk and bean milk, such as almond milk, peanut milk, tiger nut  milk and soya milk.
Industrial Soya Milk Maker Machine in Philippines
Structure of Soya Milk Maker Machine Philippines:
All the parts that are in contact with the material, are made of 202 or 304 stainless steel, except for the motor and part of the parts.Therefore, it has good wear resistance, so that the material is not polluted, sanitary and clean.

Application of LGJMS-110 Soya Milk Maker Machine
Applicable to all kinds of emulsion or paste materials, processing materials with viscous density ≥ 10000 centipoise.
It can be customized according to the special requirements of customers for different properties such as acidity, alkalinity and consistency of processed materials.

Advantages: The soya milk machine design is compact, the appearance is beautiful, the seal is good, the performance is stable, the operation is convenient, the decoration is simple, the production benefit is high. It is the ideal soya milk processing equipment.

Video of Industrial Soya Milk Maker Machine

Profit Prospect of Soya Milk Market:
Soya milk has a special position in the market all over the world. In Hongkong, China, as well as in Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, the United States, Australia and other countries, all of them have a large number of consumer groups. The per capita consumption of soy milk in these countries and regions has even exceeded 10 times or more per capita consumption in the mainland of China.

So buying soya milk making machines will be a wise choice to engage in the business of soya milk. 

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