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Soya Milk Production Process

riqiMar08, 2018 noteBy Serena
Soya Milk Production Process
Soya Milk Production Process:
1, soak the soybean with 3 times the weight of the water. As the water temperature and soaking time, soaking temperature under 10 DEG C, 10-12h (H); the water temperature of 10-25 DEG C, the general for 6 - 10h (hours); also can be used to soak water heating way to shorten the time of soaking, but the water temperature is not higher than 60 DEG C. Appropriate amount of sodium bicarbonate can be added into the soaking water, so as to shorten the soaking time, remove the pigment from soybean, increase the milk whiteness and improve the homogenization effect, and also help to remove oligosaccharides, accelerate the inhibition of protease inhibitors, and improve the flavor of soybean milk.
2, the use of hot water above 80 degrees centigrade, of which 0.25% of sodium bicarbonate is added, the amount of water is 8-10 times the dry weight of soybean. The pulp is grinded with a soya milk making machine and the slurry is separated from the bean dregs.
3, soya bean milk is sterilized by high temperature sterilizer. It can kill pathogenic bacteria and spoilage bacteria by 100~110 instantaneous sterilization, destroy harmful factors, passivate lipoxygenase and urease and other ingredients, and achieve the effect of removing the smell of soy milk.
4, under the pressure of 80 and 15-23MPa, the material is homogenized to ensure the delicate taste of the soybean milk and improve the stability of the product.

The system consists of five processing sections:
(1) water treatment section
Explosion steam pool → quartz sand filter → activated carbon filter → precision filter → a reverse osmosis → UV sterilization → aseptic storage
(2) raw material processing section
Soya → soaking → washing → coarse grinding → fine grinding → pulp separation → filtration
(3) deployment of standardization section
Deployment → ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization → vacuum degassing → homogenization → sterile storage
(4) filling sterilization packaging section
Filling → secondary sterilization
(5) CIP cleaning section

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