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Cost of Soya Milk Making Machine

riqiMar03, 2018 noteBy Serena
The commercial soya milk making machine is the latest pulping equipment, which has the characteristics of safety, reliability, high efficiency, energy saving and high grade. Commercial soya bean milk machine is widely used, its application greatly improves the work efficiency and the production of standard high quality fresh soya bean milk. The cost of the soya bean milk machine is also determined by many factors, and a simple introduction will be made here.
1. Materials for soya milk making machine
The body material of soya bean milk machine is mainly stainless steel. It has food grade plastic material, and even some products. In order to consider the boiled soya bean milk cup feel hot, specially designed double cup body, it can keep warm and not hot. Only from the appearance of the material to judge the price, the plastic cup is the cheapest, and then the stainless steel, the most expensive is the double cup product.
1) stainless steel has many advantages, it is better to clean, prevent scraping, heat insulation effect and so on. The common soya bean milk machine in the market is also stainless steel, its durability is also dominant. Soymilk machine has a lot of noise in the process of grinding soybean milk, which is the sound of beans on the inner wall of the machine when the beans are being polished, and the material of the cup is not hard enough. Under such impact, the service life will not be too long. As a result, try to choose the products of the stainless steel fuselage.
2) the safety of both of them is quite good, but the plastic material is not easy to clean, and it is easy to stain the wall cup. The soybean milk machine plastic material market is very small, and is the lower end model, the function is poor, it is not recommended to buy.
3) then the product of double-layer cup body. The double cup body is designed to improve the quality of the product, because there is an air separation layer between the double cups, which has better insulation effect and is not easy to heat hands. The inner layer is stainless steel, and the outer layer is plastic. Plastic materials are more decorative, and consumers are easily attracted by strange appearance. In fact, the freshly cooked soya bean milk is slightly cold and drink out, or look for a cloth pad to see, more money in the anti ironing function is not cost-effective.

2. The function of soybean milk grinder machine
It can be roughly divided into two kinds: heating and non heating, which are divided into dry soya bean milk, wet soybean milk, five grain soybean milk, mung bean and red bean, fresh corn juice, fruit and vegetable cold drinks.

3. Capacity: the common capacity of commercial soya bean milk machine is divided into 40L, 80L, 100L.
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Soya Milk Making Machine Cost

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