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Automatic Soya Milk Grinding Machine Factory

riqiMay26, 2018 noteBy Serena
We are a professional automatic soya milk machine manufacturing factory integrating scientific research and development, product design, machinery manufacturing, production and sales. The automatic soya milk grinding machine can produce up to 100 liters of soy milk per hour. Fully automatic, only one person can easy operation, high speed and pulp yield pulping, is the production of soya milk, uncongealed tofu and all kinds of tofu, bean curd, bean curd stick, fermented bean curd, and other basic equipment of bean products.
Advantages of our soya milk grinding machine:
1. Automatic control system is adopted to complete the whole process automation.
2. The process of adding beans, adding water and slag, separating slurry and defoaming is automatically operated in the whole process.
3. A set of equipment needs only one person to operate, save time, labor and labor.
4. The equipment is of excellent quality, covering only 5 square meters with simple installation and advanced technology.
5. Clean and sanitary stainless steel production equipment in accordance with hygienic standards. Clean and smooth, easy to clean. During the whole process, the ground is clean.
Welcome you visit our soya milk machine factory. If you want to get price and details, just feel free to contact us.
Contact information:
Skype: serenayan666
Whatsapp/Mobile: +8618595717505
Automatic Soya Milk Grinding Machine

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