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Pumpkin Seed Peeler Machine Australia

riqiMay04, 2018 noteBy Serena
Pumpkin Seed Peeler Supplier

A set of pumpkin seed peeler machine was sold to Australia. The customer bought a whole set of pumpkin seed peeling equipment, which can cleaning, grading, shelling and selecting skin seed kernel. The pumpkin seed peeling machine is specially designed and manufactured for pumpkin seed processing. Because the customer just started the industry soon, so he bought a set of small production shelling equipment, 200kg/h.
The customer visited the factory in March 10th and was satisfied with the quality and the shelling effect of the machine. So we signed the contract very soon.
Equipment composition and process:
Hopper - bucket elevator - shelling - wind power skin removal machine - seed screening screen - electric control cabinet.

If you are interested in the pumpkin seed peeler machine, just feel free to whatsapp me or email me, we will send you machine price and details.
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Pumpkin Seed Peeler Australia

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