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Industrial Coconut Milk Making Process

riqiMay29, 2018 noteBy Serena
Coconut milk is a natural beverage made from fresh coconut. Coconut milk is rich in minerals and a variety of amino acids, trace elements, so it is sought after by more and more consumers. So how to make coconut milk from fresh coconut? What is the processing flow of coconut milk in industry? Let's get to know the industrial coconut milk making process.

Main coconut milk making machine:Grinder machine, electric heating mixing tank, stainless steel storage tank, interlayer pan, emulsifier, sterilizer ec..
Coconut milk making process:
1. Coconut shell breaking, water intake, wiping: wash ripe coconut after washing, break open, collect coconut water filter reserve. The cracked coconut scraped coconut meat with a wiper and placed the scraped coconut into the dryer and dried it into dry silk.
2. Grinding: pour filtered tap water into the electric heating mixing tank, add a small amount of sodium hydroxide and stir. Good dry coconut shreds and hot water in proportion to stir well, pour into the coconut milk grinder machine, ground into appropriate thickness according to production needs, grinding good coconut juice by the health pump to the stainless steel tank for later use.
3. Ingredients: use a sandwich pot to dissolve the white granulated sugar and make the thick syrup. Open the storage tank discharge valve and let the coconut juice flow to the liquid distribution tank. After constant volume, stir the coconut water, citric acid seasoning, concentrated syrup, salt, emulsifier and other ingredients together.
4. Emulsifying: the coconut milk after stirring and heating is emulsified by the emulsifier to be even and stable.
5. Sterilization: coconut milk sterilization at high temperature for 15 minutes.

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Industrial Coconut Milk Making Process

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