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How to solve the problem of peanut shell increasing in using peanut shelling machine?

riqiSep05, 2017 noteBy Serena
In the process of peanut shelling, peanut shells will accumulate more and more, then how to solve this problem? In fact, the solution is to move the motor downward so as to tighten the fan belt and increase the blowing capacity.
However, after using the penaut shelling machine, be sure to remember how to store it, before storing the machine, should remove the clean large peanut peeling machine appearance of dust, dirt and residual grains and other debris, and then use diesel oil to clean the various parts of the Bearing, dry after coated with butter, paint the site to re-coated paint again, dry paint, the machine is covered, placed in a dry warehouse storage. The belt should be removed and hung on an interior wall which is not exposed to the sun.
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