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Common Faults and Maintenance of Belt Hazelnut Roaster Machine

riqiSep04, 2017 noteBy Serena
Although the belt commercial hazelnut roaster is more efficient and efficient dryer, but in practice there will be a failure occurred, we have done is to find out the cause of the fault to be excluded, so that the belt dryer to do the greatest energy efficiency for us service. So when the customer in the purchase of belt dryer, pay attention to the dryer configuration, belt dryer on the selection of the filter with the dry machine teeth and aperture to adapt to the general selection of the filter mesh diameter is dry machine into the channel or aperture of 0.2 times.
Belt dryer in the use of common faults which? How to solve? How to maintain maintenance? Professionals to tell you about what:
1, before the start of the air supply triple check should be carried out, the water will be discharged and ensure adequate oil level.
2, to ensure that the dryer equipment has a good grounding, the device temperature meter should be measured by the test.
3, the parts for inspection and maintenance, such as bearing lubricating oil, adjust the pulley, check the electrical circuit, the door of the rocker, pipe connections and so on and fixed.
4, raw material ignition failure, may be drying equipment design problems, or raw materials do not take the lead to dry the furnace and so on. In addition, there may be caused by human factors, such as in order to achieve the drying effect and too small dryer forced heating caused by fire. At this point it is best to replace the transformation of the dryer equipment, check the dryer is installed correctly, whether the leak or increase the wind pressure and so on. Proper use of the dryer, carefully for the dryer to increase the temperature, so as not to cause fire.
5, the emergence of raw materials do not dry a one-time problem, which is mainly due to the dryer is too small or improper use of dryers and other reasons. In addition, the wind network pressure, flow calculation error will lead to such a failure. You can replace or re-modify the drying equipment, or require manufacturers to recalculate wind pressure, flow and other changes to the program. If it is due to improper operation caused by the operator in strict accordance with the instructions for the correct operation.
6, to ensure that the base bolts are not loose, support the spring connection is appropriate, the computer board control, wind wheel, heat exchanger has a good flexibility.
7, to keep the equipment clean, the daily wipe the equipment, clean up the dust box to ensure ventilation and so on. Periodically open the rear cover to clean the inside of the device.
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