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Commercial Hazelnut Dryer Machine Supplier

riqiOct23, 2018 noteBy Serena
Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery Co., Ltd. is a key hazelnut dryer machine supplier in China. Commercial hazelnut dryer is the main nut drying products produced by our company. It can be widely used in food industries to dry peanuts, walnut, pine nut, macadamia nuts, hazelnut kernel etc. It can be integrated with drying, conveying and cooling without auxiliary equipment.

Commercial Gas Hazelnut Dryer Machine

As the reliable hazelnut dryer machine supplier, we have ten years of experience in the design and production of drying machine, making full use of modern technology, so the product performance is good, high degree of automation. LONGER has assembled a number of elite with years of production and management experience, is a strong technical force, advanced management of the elite team. Adopt CAD drawing design, strictly according to modern enterprise system management, annual output of drying equipment and supporting equipment hundreds of sets.
Main advantages of commercial hazelnut dryer machine:
1. Reasonable air distribution and uniform temperature. Adopt bilateral air inlet, hot air blows from the left and right sides of the box, so that the material can be evenly and evenly dehydrated, and the multi-layer design and material turnover can achieve the same goal of material dehydration rate. The dehydration uniformity has reached the international leading position at present;
2. Scientific and rational design, high efficiency and energy saving, thermal energy consumption effectively reduced by 25%, electricity consumption effectively reduced by 40%, better than similar equipment at home and abroad;
3. The commercial hazelnut dryer machine uses unique air and gas mixing design, the use efficiency of natural gas is close to 100%;
Hazelnut Dryer Machine Supplier in China

4. Natural gas direct combustion, high efficiency and energy saving. Without heat exchanger, boiler purchasing, installation and operation, the commercial hazelnut dryer machine operation and investment cost can be effectively reduced;
5. Burning tail gas clean and clean. To meet the United States ANSI and European ETL standards to ensure the quality of dry food;
6. Heating up fast, from room temperature rise to 120 degrees only 3-4 minutes, heat compensation fast, is conducive to drying process of temperature adjustment, preheating time is short, effectively solve the off-season production of high cost problems;
7. Accurate temperature control. There is almost 0 error between the actual production temperature and the set temperature;
8. Hot air recycling, low energy consumption, effectively reduce equipment operation costs.

Commercial Hazelnut Dryer Machine Video:

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