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Introduction of Ideal Cutting Effect Peanut Chopper Machines

riqiSep06, 2017 noteBy Serena
Peanut chopper machine is mainly suitable for peanuts, chopped nuts, by vibration feeding, chopping, grading of three parts, which can make the vibration feeding peanuts evenly in digging hopper, is conducive to the uniform classification using hob cutting, part of spiral drum, with different specifications screen, so as to achieve the requirements specification. Special machine: high yield, uniform granularity, less consumption, less noise, peanut broken, not return oil.
The working principle of the peanuts chop cutting machine  is: through the elevator will be peeled peanuts to ascend into the cutter chamber, cutting process is divided into two levels: Peanut by a chopped half level cutting knife cut into coarse, and then enter the two stage cutting knife cut into smaller pieces, decreased flower growing particle is divided into 4 uniform size the specifications in the vibrating screen, it is ideal equipment for cutting the peanuts.
The utility model relates to a peanut multipurpose cutter, which is divided by a reciprocating cutter type and a rolling cage, so as to achieve uniform shredding. No extrusion, oil production, classification standards, high rate of finished products, no pollution, is the most ideal equipment for peanut chopping. Can be peanut, hazelnut, almonds, nuts, beans, wheat and other granular and strip materials for shredding and grading. The utility model has the advantages of feeding, lifting, chopping, vibrating, grading, etc. the biggest advantage of the utility model is that the output is high, and the material cut is not greasy.
Ideal Effect Peanut Chopper Machine

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