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The Best Baking Effect of Drum Roaster Machine

riqiAug24, 2017 noteBy Serena
In the production of sesame butter, peanut butter, almond paste, if the raw material drying is not complete, not ideal, will affect the whole production line to produce delicious sauce. The raw material moisture content up to twelve percent in eight percent, the most easy to produce, but there are also many raw materials more humid, despite repeated several times the drying effect is not ideal, we can use the drum roasting machine, give full play to its advantages.

1. drying of characteristic materials is an important factor in measuring dryer equipment, such as dewatering capacity, handling capacity and material impact. If you leave these factors, the drying process for the dryer does not make any sense.
2., high speed high-end dryer equipment can bring high efficiency and more economic benefits to users, in the case of ample user funds, it is recommended to buy this high-end drum dryer.
3. drum dryer equipment energy consumption is very large, so it has a good baking effect, welcomed by customers.
At present, drying of many materials requires roller dryers, not only in agriculture, but also in the production of mining. The more widely used, the higher the demand for it, and the new requirements for drum dryers, we will be committed to the research of nut baking equipment, and make an indelible contribution to the development of the machinery industry.
Drum Peanut Roaster Machine

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