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Where to buy a good shelling effect walnut shelling machine?

riqiAug25, 2017 noteBy Serena
We are  reliable nuts shelling machine manufacturer in china. And our nuts shelling machine has very good shelling effect such as walnut sheller,almond sheller,cashew nut sheller etc..The advantages of walnut sheller machine are as fellows.
1. In the design of the sheller, the factors of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency and good quality are taken into account, so as to meet the needs of the advanced agricultural machinery such as "high efficiency, high quality, low consumption, safety, sanitation and environmental protection".
2. The sorting requirements of processed walnut are not high, and the processed walnut can be processed. The principle of mechanical eccentric shaft is used to break the shell in an instant, and the equipment adapts to the walnut of different varieties.
3. The production efficiency was about 20 times higher than human, shell breaking rate greater than 99%, the broken rate and not less than 1% less than the rate of broken shell;
4. The adoption of mechanized production in the whole food processing process reduces the possibility that the worker touches the processed food materials directly, avoids the two pollution in the process of processing, and improves the hygienic index of the food.
While expanding our domestic market, our company has constantly opened up international markets. Over the years, our products have been exported to Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tajikistan and other parts of the world, and have won a good reputation. Customers are welcome to come to buy.

walnut shelling machine

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