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How to Correctly Operate Three-stage Almond Shell Removing Machine?

riqiAug23, 2017 noteBy Serena
The steps to correct operate almond shell removing machine:
1, in the use of the shell before the machine, first of all according to the size of apricot to adjust the gap of processing roller at all levels, according to the size of apricot kernel size, roughly divided into three levels, according to apricot flat size from large to small, followed Adjust the gap size of the first, second and third processing rolls, and the gap of the press roll should be 1-1.5mm smaller than the apricot bias size.
2, the gap can be adjusted after the power on, the order of the boot: the total vibrating screen--third processing--secondary processing--first processing--hoisting machine--feeding.
3, in a large number of processing, the first place a small amount of apricot kernel, check the pressure roller at all levels is appropriate, if the processing of almond broken more serious, please adjust the gap until achieve the desired effect.
4, after the end of processing, according to the following order to stop: feeding--hoisting machine--first processing--secondary processing--third processing--the total vibrating screen.
Almond Shell Removing Machine

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