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How to roast shelled hazelnuts in food industry?

riqiOct23, 2018 noteBy Serena
At present, hazelnut kernel, hazelnut rice, hazelnut starch and hazelnut protein powder are the main processed hazelnut nuts in the food industry, and hazelnut kernel is the most common snack nuts. In order to meet the market demand, hazelnut kernels are mainly sold with different flavors. However, due to the uneven permeation of the seasoning during the processing of hazelnut kernels, the taste of hazelnut kernels is not good, so roasted raw hazelnut kernels are the most popular. So, how to roast shelled hazelnuts in food industry?
Roasted Hazelnuts By Machine
Nutritional value of roasted raw hazelnut:
Hazelnut kernel is known as the king of nuts because it contains 20% - 30% protein, 40% - 50% fat, 13% - 24% carbohydrate, 8.2% - 9.6% dietary fiber and abundant trace elements. In addition, hazelnut kernel also contains 8 kinds of amino acids needed by human body, and its content is far higher than that of walnut. Hazelnut kernel is a natural functional food resource with health care, nutrition and food therapy.

How to roast shelled hazelnuts in food industry?
(1) Pretreatment of hazelnuts: After the hazelnut is shelled and the shell kernel is separated, the qualified hazelnut kernels are selected;
(2) Roasting: After the shelling, the hazelnut kernels are roasted into a continuous roasting machine for drying;
(3) Gas peeling: The dehydrated hazelnut kernel is thoroughly wetted with distilled water, and then sent to a barrel to separate the hazelnut kernel from the epidermis under the action of a high-pressure air stream to obtain a peeled hazelnut kernel;
(4) Cooling and dispensing: After the hazelnut is cooled, deoxidized packaging or air-filled packaging, a kind of peeled roasted hazelnut kernels are obtained.

These are the steps to roast shelled hazelnuts in food industry, and finally we can get the delicious roasted raw hazelnut kernels. In this process, hazelnut roasting machine is an essential machine.

roasting shelled hazelnuts machine for sale

The dryer is a novel and energy-saving continuous hazelnut roasting equipment. The mesh belt dryer has the advantages of good air permeability and simple structure. It adopts advanced hot air drying technology and mesh belt conveying mode. The device is transported in single layer and multi-layer, and can also be controlled by single-layer multi-zone or multi-zone automatic constant temperature. The frequency control of the AC motor is adopted, that is, the conveying speed of the material to be dried is steplessly adjustable, and the adjustment range is large, and the roasting time can be arbitrarily selected. 

So the machine is a perfect device to tell you how to roast shelled hazelnuts in food industry, if you want to know more details, just feel free to contact  us.
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