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2019 New Manual Coffee Hulling Machine Suppliers

riqiJan22, 2019 noteBy Serena
LONGER Machinery - Coffee Hulling Machine Supplier, through extensive market research and consulting users, at the same time drawing on the advantages and experience of a variety of coffee huller at home and abroad, carefully designed and optimized a 2019 new generation of manual coffee hulling machine.
2019 Manual Coffee Hulling Machine Suppliers
2019 New Manual Coffee Hulling Machine:

The machine adopts a rubber roller shelling process, which effectively reduces the breaking rate and increases the removal rate. Compared with similar equipment, it can clean up debris, glume shell and sand particles in finished materials at one time without auxiliary equipment such as artificial windmill and sieve.

This coffee huller machine has the advantages of high cleanliness, low breakage rate and good quality of finished products. It has compact structure, stable performance, less power consumption, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and is popular both at home and abroad.

Coffee Huller Machine Video:

Why Chose LONGER - Coffee Hulling Machine Suppliers?
First: We import domestic and foreign coffee processing equipment technology, has a strong equipment research and development team.
Secondly: The largest manufacturer in Central Plains provides the strongest after-sales service support and guarantee.
Third: We have a professional R&D sales team, providing the best quality service team.
Fourth: All our processing equipment and products are of high quality and quantity. Any problems occur within one year. The company maintains and distributes spare parts free of charge.

In addition, our company is also a professional supplier of nuts shelling equipment, colloidal mill, beans peeling machine. Our products are exported to 32 countries and regions in Europe, America, Africa and so on.

Welcome you contact coffee hulling machine supplier, to get machine price and details.
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