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Buckwheat Hulling Machine and Vibrating Screen Shipped to India

riqiFeb15, 2019 noteBy Serena
To celebrate that our 150 kg/h buckwheat hulling machine and vibrating screen have been transported to India, and our customers have accepted the machines.

Indian customers own a farm to harvest buckwheat, and then process it initially and sell it. This is the new business of our customers, which requires small-scale production, so we recommend our minimum production of 150 kg per hour to our customers.
Vibrating Screen Specification:
Layer of Screen:3

Details of Buckwheat Hulling Machine India:

Buckwheat Hulling Machine and Vibrating Screen In India

Before shelling, buckwheat must be cleaned and graded in order to achieve better hulling effect, so you can match a vibrating screen.

The buckwheat hulling machine India has two diamond rollers (lower and upper rollers) to remove the buckwheat hull by friction. Then sorting shells, get kernels. This machine is an ideal equipment for removing buckwheat husk, and is the basic equipment in buckwheat deep processing plant.

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