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Dark Chocolate Manufacturing Production Process - 6 Steps

riqiOct18, 2019 noteBy Serena
The production of dark chocolate needs to add different ingredients in the refining process, and then through the steps of heat preservation, temperature adjustment, pouring molding, packaging and other steps to make finished chocolate products, the process is complex.
Dark chocolate composition: Cocoa liquor + Cocoa Butter + Sugar
Dark Chocolate Manufacturing Process in Factory
Dark chocolate production process is as follows:
Feeding → mixing → fine grinding → heat preservation → temperature regulation → casting molding → vibration → cooling and hardening → demoulding → selection → packaging

Dark Chocolate Manufacturing Process:
1 Step - Pretreatment of step raw materials
In order to facilitate the mixing operation of raw materials and make them meet the requirements of production process, the raw materials are generally pretreated before feeding and mixing.
(1) pretreatment of cocoa liquor and cocoa butter
Cocoa liquor and cocoa butter are solid at room temperature. They need to be melted before feeding, and then they can be mixed and finely ground. The equipment used is the chocolate melting tank.
(2) pretreatment of sugar
The size of granulated sugar is usually different. When the sugar plasmid is large, it will affect the delicacy of chocolate. Therefore, the granulated sugar should be first crushed into a certain fineness, which is conducive to the mixing, fine grinding and refining of materials, and can make the fineness of materials even.

2 Step - Conching Refining
In the chocolate production, the fine conching of ingredients is the basic production process. The conching and refining can make the materials reach a certain fineness, and make the taste delicate and smooth; at the same time, it can also make all kinds of materials mix evenly, form a highly uniform dispersion system, and have good fluidity.
The traditional method needs 48,72 hours, and different kinds of chocolate require different refining time. The common finishing equipment is chocolate refiner machine.
6 Steps Chocolate Making Process
3 Step - Insulation
There is a heat preservation process to keep the liquid state of the refined chocolate sauce before entering the next process. The purpose of heat preservation is to reserve sauce and adapt to continuous production.
4 Step - Temperature regulation
The change of crystal form of cocoa butter in chocolate sauce is controlled by temperature adjusting technology. Cocoa butter crystallizes into stable β crystal, which is expressed in dark luster, and the shelf life of the product will also be prolonged.

5 Step - Pouring molding

Molding is the rapid conversion of chocolate materials from fluids to stable solids, giving chocolate products the best quality of shine, aroma and texture required for the production process. Since chocolate products have a wide variety of varieties, they must be molded according to the characteristics of various products, choose the appropriate chocolate depositing machine.

Whole Chocolate Production Process
6 Step - Packaging
The chocolate is packaged in a certain form and then transported and sold.

I hope that through the above introduction, everyone has a better understanding of the chocolate manufacturing process. If you want to know more about chocolate production machines, please contact us: Whatsapp/Mobile: +8615515597212


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