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Fully Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine Sold to Australia

riqiSep15, 2018 noteBy Serena
Our LG-QT250 model fully automatic chocolate tempering machine was sold to Australia in September 5th. Australia is the main outlet for chocolate processing machines in our factory. Because chocolate is very popular with Australians, there are many small and medium-sized chocolate processing plants. Our machines are reasonable in price and guaranteed in quality. Several chocolate processing equipment have been shipped to Australia.

Sunny, our salesman, communicated with our customers for about a month. The customer finally came to our Guangzhou branch and to the factory to see the machines. The Australian customer was very satisfied with the quality and working video of LG-QT250 fully automatic chocolate tempering machine. Then he went to the bank on September 5th and paid for it. On the 8 th, we sent special logistics to Australia for our customers and shipped the machine to Australia.
Fully Automatic Chocolate Tempering Machine Australia

This fullly automatic chocolate tempering machine Australia is an indispensable equipment in the chocolate production line. The machine can be automatically controlled according to the temperature required in each stage of the chocolate temperature regulation process to ensure the quality of the chocolate. It is an indispensable machine in the chocolate production process.

Our factory, LONGER Machinery, has been engaged in the production of chocolate equipment for nearly ten years, with mature manufacturing processes, strict quality inspection process and perfect after-sales service. If you need chocolate machine, just feel free to contact us.
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