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How is Chocolate Made from the Raw Cocoa Beans Step by Step?

riqiOct18, 2019 noteBy Serena
Chocolate originated in central and South America, its main raw material is cocoa beans. It takes a lot of time and energy to make chocolate from cocoa beans step by step. Let's take a look at these steps.
How is chocolate made from the raw cocoa bean in factory

How is Chocolate Made Step by Step?

1 Step - Picking

Mature cocoa pods are yellow like papaya. The brown part inside is cocoa beans, and the white part is flesh.

2 Step - Fermentation
After removing the flesh, the newly obtained cocoa beans are not so fragrant and need to be fermented. Cocoa beans can be covered with banana leaves. After a few days of fermentation, cocoa beans produce unique flavors.

3 Step - Drying
If the fermentation is over, the cocoa beans will become mouldy. So dry quickly after fermentation. The above three steps are usually done in the place of origin. Next step is to enter the factory processing stage.

4 Step - Roasting
Roasting cocoa beans is similar to baking coffee beans, which is very important to the flavor of chocolate. Each chocolate manufacturer has its own way. A roasting machine is usually used to bake cocoa beans. The roasting process is as follows:
How is Chocolate Made Step by Step?
5 Step - Peeling and grinding
After the cocoa beans are roasted, they are peeled and crushed to prepare for grinding. The cocoa beans are turned into liquid and cocoa liquid blocks. Cocoa butter can be separated from cocoa liquid and the remaining part is cocoa solid.

Cocoa butter can be added to chocolate. The main ingredient of chocolate is cocoa butter, cocoa butter contains theobromine, toxic to a variety of animals, but for humans, theobromine is a healthy anti-sedative ingredient, so eating chocolate can enhance the spirit, enhance excitement and other effects. Cocoa contains phenylethylamine, which circulates rumors that make people feel loved. Cocoa solid, also called cocoa powder.
Process of Grinding Cocoa Nibs

6 Step - Mixing
The cocoa solids and cocoa butter that are difficult to separate in the new proportion, together with vanilla, sugar, milk, and other optional ingredients, become chocolate.

7 Step - Fine grinding
Fine grinding is the step that chocolate produces smooth taste. Chocolate is heated and stirred for up to two or three days, eventually making chocolate granules invisible and improving texture.

8 Step - Temperature adjustment
The last step is to make the chocolate "not melt in hand, only melt in the mouth". Simply put, there are several crystal types of cocoa butter crystals, corresponding to different melting temperatures. A chocolate tempering machine is essential in this process, which allows it to crystallize in a specific crystal form, producing a beautiful appearance and a suitable melting temperature. A variety of chocolate with different flavors is made.

9 Step - Moulding
Pour liquid chocolate into the quantitative model, reduce the temperature of the material to a certain range, and make the material liquid into solid state. The fat with certain crystal form is arranged into lattice strictly according to the crystal rule, forming a dense organizational structure, volume shrinkage, and chocolate can fall off from the mold smoothly.
How is Chocolate Made from Cocoa Beans
Above introduce how chocolate is made from cocoa bean step by step. Hope to answer your questions, if you have any further questions about the chocolate making process, just let us know; we are the reliable chocolate and cocoa processing machinery manufacturer in China. Whatsapp/Mobile: +8615515597212

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