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Commercial Cacao Roasting Machine for Sale Philippines

riqiFeb19, 2020 noteBy Serena
One set commercial cacao roasting machine was sold to Philippines in September 2nd. The Philippines customer purchased an electrically heated single-drum cacao roaster machine. Yield of 80-100 kg/h; voltage 380V three-phase. 
Commercial Cacao Roasting Machine Philippines
Our sales staff sent the machine detailed information and quotation to the customer, including pictures, the text of the functional structure and the cacao bean roasting video. The customer was very satisfied with the roasting effect of the cacao beans. 

We have shipped our cacao roaster machine that have passed the quality inspection to the Philippines.

Cocoa Beans Industry in the Philippines
The Philippines has always been a major producer of cocoa beans, exporting large quantities of cocoa beans to countries around the world every year, because the Philippines is very suitable for the growth of cocoa beans, not only the production efficiency is good, but also the quality of cocoa beans is guaranteed. Most of the first-class high-quality cocoa beans come from the Philippines.

Philippines's cocoa bean processing industry is also very popular. Our machines are very popular in the country, includes cacao roaster machine, cacao grinder machine, cacao peeler machine, cacao powder making machine and so on.
Commercial Cacao Roaster Philippines
Commercial Cacao Roaster Machine for Sale
This machine is composed of hot blast stove, air supply device, variable speed device, drying box, etc. It uses air as drying medium and achieves drying purpose according to heat exchange principle. It has the characteristics of flowing operation, adjustable temperature, high output and no pollution.

The cacao roasting machine for sale is mainly used in peanut, melon seed, dry fruit, cacao beans, almond, cashew nut etc. Heated evenly and effectively ensure the roasting quality.

Video of Cacao Roasting Machine:

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