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How to remove almond shell?

riqiMar02, 2018 noteBy Serena
Almond kernel is rich in nutrition. Recent scientific research also shows that almond can promote skin microcirculation, make skin rosy and luster, have beauty effect, and prevent diseases and premature senility, it is a healthy food. So it is very popular with people in the world. But almond shell is very had to crack and remove. And our almond shell removing machine is a ideal device to crack hard shell and remove it. This machine is single stage shell breaking machine. Almond after a process, there will be a part of the small almond no shelling, it needs to be filtered out, adjust the gap of shell breaking machine, then it will take off a shell.

The advantages of almond shell remover machine:
(1) The free roller eliminates the gear transmission device and the transition wheel adjusting device that drive the driven roller to rotate, simplifying the structure, reducing the manufacturing and maintenance cost, and the adjustment is convenient and the operation is labor-saving. The company is located in:
(2) The distance between the driven roller and the driving roller can be adjusted freely and unlimitedly, which enlarges the adjustment range, not only meets the requirements for shelling of different specifications of almonds, but also shelling different kinds of materials Processed, such as hazelnuts or larger nuts. The company is located in:
(3) The driving roller transmits the power to the driven roller through the material, so that there is a greater difference between the driven roller and the driving roller, which is beneficial to the shelling of the apricot kernel and improves the production efficiency.
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how to remove almond shell

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