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Wet Broad Bean Peeling Machine Manufacturer 96% Peeling Rate

riqiAug12, 2019 noteBy Serena
The wet broad bean peeling machine is one of the main products of our company. It is specially used for peeling peanuts, broad beans, soybeans and almonds, with high peeling rate and whole kernel rate.

The five features of the broad bean peeling machine are described below.
  • One: it can remove the grain of the broad bean, without damaging its grain's own characteristics, and can separate the rice bran, divide the bean and skin and so on.
  • Two: whole grain rate, high desquamation rate, fast speed, time saving and labor-saving.
  • Three: the machine is reasonable in design, compact in structure, simple in operation, convenient in maintenance and high in automation.
  • Four: high desquamation rate, low bruising rate, (more than 96% of the peeling rate, and less than 5% of the injury rate).
  • Five: need to soak the broad bean with hot water.
Wet Broad Bean Peeling Machine Manufactuer
Broad bean peeler machine in the process of using it, the whole bean peeling efficiency is very good, first it uses the company's advanced production technology and processing parts peeling, horsebean peeling machine specialized in the research and development of the company can reach more than ninety percent of the whole fruit rate to a great extent, so that customers get a better bean peeling the bean!

Working Video of Broad Bean Peeling Machine

LONGER - Broad Bean Peeling Machine Manufacturer
Our factory has a high-level quality R & D system, introduces specialized equipment, and constantly striving to improve product quality and technology level, unremitting development of product functions, improving product life, and adhering to Seiko manufacturing.

The manufactured products need strict quality inspection procedures to ensure conformity with quality requirements and inspection standards from all walks of life. Professional technology and rigorous attitude are the best guarantee for LONGER product quality.

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