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Dry Moringa Leaves Grinder Machine for Sale

riqiFeb12, 2018 noteBy Serena
The moringa leaves grinder machine makes use of the relatively high speed operation between the movable tooth disc and the fixed tooth disc, so that the moringa leaves are crushed through the impact, friction and collision of the material to each other. Crushed material can be directly discharged from the grinding chamber, the discharge port, general materials after crushing after cotton bag to collect, the crushed material collected in the bag, the air bag is from small holes, not the fine powder is discharged, so as to not waste, no pollution effect. The particle size is determined by replacing different mesh screen.
Before using the dry leaf grinding machine, first check the machine to see if all the fixed parts have been tightened, the belt is in tension, the operation of the universal grinder spindle direction and the shield must be marked The same direction of the arrow, otherwise it will make the machine suffered some damage, serious may cause harm to the operator.
The smashing efficiency of the dry leaf grrinding machine is high and it is also easy to clean up. For the crushing operation of the current large-scale equipment, the maintenance of some key parts is very crucial, and the crushing target must also be maintained in a simple and easy operation. within. After all, if the smashing object damages the equipment, it will not only affect the efficiency of the work, but also may increase additional unnecessary costs. Basically for experienced staff, to play the role of shredder principle, the first target group to be decomposed to ensure that you can control in a stable area and then a full range of impact, to facilitate greater access to advantages .

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Dry Moringa Leaf Grinding Machine

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