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Commercial Use Peanut Peeling Machine in Philippines

riqiJul11, 2019 noteBy Serena
The set commercial use peanut peeling machine is an advanced skin removing device for roasted peanuts. It has reasonable structure, long service life, smooth operation and low noise, so the peeler sells well in the Philippines.

Structure Characteristics of Commercial Peanut Peeling Machine
The peeler is composed of a power device (including a motor, a pulley, a belt, a bearing, etc.), a frame, a feed hopper, a peeling roller (a steel roller or a sand roller), a suction fan, a storage bucket, and the like.
It can be used in combination for processing various kinds of peanut peeling.
Commercial Peanut Peeling Machine in Philippines
Advantages of Peanut Peeling Machine in Philippines:
  • High peeling rate, over 96%.
  • Without any damage for kernels when peeling.
  • High whole kernel rate. When the moisture content of peanut is about 4%, the peeling effect is the best, 98% of the whole grain.
  • Skins and kernels will be separated automatically, and the kernels are smooth and shining.

Video of Commercial Peanut Peeling Machine Philippines

Debug peanut peeler machine before use is very important, debugging and then use it again to save time and effort, here is a brief introduction:
  • First, look at the turn. Peanut peeling machine connected to the power, take a look at the steering is accurate, to the electric switch, will inevitably damage the machine for a long time reverse.
  • Second, the next roller can not move.
  • Third, on both ends of the roller uniform shrink at the same time, can not only zoom aside.
  • Fourth, the screws must be tightened. After the machine is tightened, the screws should be tightened to avoid running loose.
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