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Stainless Steel Chilli Powder Pulverizer Machine in India

riqiAug15, 2019 noteBy Serena
The chilli powder pulverizer machine is made of high quality 304 stainless steel and is equipped with national standard motor. It is mainly used to smash some spice, for example chili, turmeric, black pepper, herb etc . The operation is stable, the pulverized material is fast and uniform, and the effect is good. The machine is very popular in various spices-producing countries, such as India.
Chilli Powder Pulverizer Machine Price in India
Working Principle: The chili pulverizer machine utilizes the relative movement between the movable tooth and the fixed tooth to obtain the crushed object by the impact of the tooth, the friction and the impact between the materials.

Features of Chilli Powder Pulverizer Machine in India
  • The machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which has strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is suitable for processing high-grade and corrosive materials.
  • The cooling device is installed in the machine to reduce the machine temperature and work more smoothly.
  • The installation of screen mesh is convenient and the positioning is reliable. The grinding fineness is adjusted by screen.
  • As the shear strength is enhanced, the crushing ability of the fibre material is higher than that of the general equipment.
Stainless Steel Chilli Powder Pulverizer Machine for Sale
Use method of the chili pulverizer machine:
  • 1. Before starting the machine, we must check whether there is a foreign object in the crushing chamber (the cavity is empty) and the power supply is connected. Tighten the butterfly cap of the upper cover and the comminuted cavity.
  • 2. Start the motor, air machine rotation for 1-2 minutes, and then feed into the material gradually from the feed plate, feed should not be too fast too much.
  • 3. The input of the comminuted material shall not exceed the 1/2 of the rated weight and the capacity of the comminuted slot, so that there is enough space to make the particles fully crushed.
  • 4. The general spice comminuted time takes 30 minutes, and the spice time of hard and medium size particles is 1 minutes. Grinding time should not be too long, to prevent the powder after the fine powder heating stick slot.
  • 5. Spice crusher is not suitable for long time continuous work.

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