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Small Scale Cocoa Powder Grinding Machine Transported to Pakistan

riqiSep12, 2018 noteBy Serena
Cocoa Powder Grinding Machine Pakistan

The grinding machine is a perfect cocoa powder machine which can also be used to make chilli powder, curry powder, pepper powder and so on spices powder. The Pakistani customers have a cocoa processing plant which mainly produce packed cocoa powder. Now, they only need a small cocoa powder grinding machine and the capacity is 200kg/h, the materials must be stainless steel. At present, the small cocoa powder grinding machine has sold and transported to Pakistan. If you are interested in the machine, just contact me.
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Small Cocoa Powder Grinding Machine for Sale

Small Scale Cocoa Powder Grinding Machine Pakistan:
The grinder can crush the materials through the impact, shear, friction between the moving disc and the fixed disc by the high speed relative motion between the disc and the fixed disc. The rear part of the comminution chamber is the grading part. After comminution, the material is moved to the grading device for screening. The fine material is pumped into the pipeline and sent out by the blower. The coarse material is driven back to the comminution chamber and re-comminuted. After the fine material enters the cyclone separator through the pipeline, the material is sent out. The dust is filtered into the filter cartridge.

The small cocoa powder grinding machine is designed according to the "GMP" standard, all made of stainless steel, 30B, 40B, 60B crushing chamber with water cooling jacket. The machine is simple in structure, high in output and easy to clean. It is the most ideal crushing equipment at present.

Video of Cocoa Powder Grinding Machine Pakistan:


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