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Present Situation of Colloid Mill

riqiAug22, 2017 noteBy Serena
Colloid mill is widely used in various fields of national economy and the people's livelihood. Because of the need to adapt to the requirements of different working conditions, the colloid mill has many varieties and huge quantities. The manufacture of colloid grinding in our country is very large. There are thousands of manufacturers of colloid mill and all over the country. At present, China has become one of the countries with the largest output and market demand of the global colloid mill. But in our country the colloid mill industry are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, uneven in quality, the annual output value of over billion yuan less than 10, even compared with other domestic machinery industry in terms of equipment or technical level there is a big gap, truly independent research and development of high-end products in unit capacity is very small, so in the large-scale nuclear power, petrochemical, oil and gas pipeline projects in other major line, supporting the colloid mill at present mainly rely on imports.
colloid mill present situation
Colloid mill enterprises attach great importance to the development of new products. We can see that China's industrial colloid mill development today, although there is a gap between the and the international advanced level, but has gone beyond simply copying the absorption stage. The technical approach for further development, should be in the analysis of foreign advanced products at the same time, thinking and comprehensive analysis of colloid mill technology development trend and product development trend from a deeper level, and strive to develop new products with independent intellectual property rights.

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