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Working Principle of Colloid Mill

riqiAug22, 2017 noteBy Serena
Through the shearing, grinding and high-frequency vibration, the colloid mill is broken through the relative movement of the stator and rotor at different speeds. Between the two grinding bodies, there is a small gap that can be adjusted. When the material passes through this gap, due to the high speed rotation of the rotor (its line speed is generally 13-40m/s), the speed of material attached to the rotor surface is the maximum, while the speed of the material attached to the stator surface is zero. This produces a sharp velocity gradient, which causes the material to be subjected to intense shear, friction, and turbulence, resulting in ultrafine comminution (which can also be recycled). The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, balanced operation, small noise, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, convenient maintenance, etc.. At present, it is the most ideal equipment for wet grinding in china.

working principle of colloid mill

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