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Investment Prospects of Functional Foods

riqiAug22, 2017 noteBy Serena

At present, the development of functional food has become the world's most concentrated areas of food production. According to rough estimates, the global functional food market total annual sales of about 10 billion to 40 billion dollars, but also the growth rate of 8% per year; according to the market survey [20], global sales of functional foods has grown from 11 billion 300 million in 1995 to $50 billion in 2004 to $10, an increase of nearly 4 times; research is expected to 2010, when the functional foods market maturity, the global functional food market total annual sales expected to reach $167 billion. Thus the functional foods have great production space, such as almonds, nuts etc.
Therefore, the investment in the production of food will also have a lot of profit space, if you need the machines, such as nuts peeling machinebaking machine, etc. you can contact me.

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