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The Rice Price of Thailand is in Good Trend

riqiAug02, 2017 noteBy Serena
The Thailand Daily reported on June 8th, the food industry will usher in a new development opportunity, because this year the price trend of good Tammy will come from two aspects of yield and weather, although it is not the annual rice yield gives a general assessment of the results, but the price of rice will almost certainly higher than last year.
Thailand agricultural Lloyd assistant secretary Juniordima said in a national rice planting site visits this year when Tammy trend given an optimistic estimate, certainly better than last year. She said, Tammy high prices from two aspects, the first is the total global supply of rice will be lower than forecast, which will help reduce the global rice stocks to price pressure.
The second is the impact of natural climate. Although this year the rainy season rainfall will be slightly more than last year, but the rain will not stop during rice as usual implementation of rehabilitation, because of various reasons such as climate will not help to achieve rehabilitation. Of course, the more important reason is that the government does not encourage farmers to the second and the third round of rehabilitation.
It is reported that the present situation of rice cultivation in the country is as follows: the area of rice cultivation in the middle has been around 15%, while the northeast region is around 5%. Since the acreage of rice cultivation is still small, it is difficult to give an approximate annual yield on the data currently available. It is believed that rice production this year will be within the scope of the government's vision.

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