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380V 300 KG/H Peanut Shell Removing Machine in India

riqiJul11, 2019 noteBy Serena
The peanut shell removing machine is a professional shelling device with good quality. The machine is twin-rolled, equipped with screen and hair dryer, so you can get clean peanuts. Capacity is 300 - 500 kg per hour.
Because of its high efficiency, factory price and long service life, the peanut shelling machine is very popular in some peanut producing countries such as India, Kenya, Philippines and so on.
380V Peanut Shell Removing Machine in India
The main parameters:
Voltage:220V 380V
Capacity:300-500 kg per hour
Peanut shelling rate:≥98%
Peanut kernel broken rate:≤4%

Features of Peanut Shell Removing Machine in India
1. Shelling is clean and high productivity. For the shelling machine with cleaning device, a higher cleanliness is also required.
2. Low loss rate and low breakage rate. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, reliable use, convenient operation and low power consumption.
3. Single-phase motor should work normally and its voltage should reach its rated voltage.
4. Requirements for peanuts. Peanut dry humidity needs appropriate, too dry will have a high breakage rate, too wet will affect work efficiency.

Video of Peanut Shell Removing Machine in India

We have simple shelling models and shelling and stone removing models.
Single-machine sheller: The process of peanut shelling and shell-kernel separation is mainly completed.
Peanut shelling and cleaning machine: It can also clean the mixed mud, stone and other impurities in peanuts.

Service for Peanut Shell Removing Machine
1.Offer quality product with competitive price; 
2.Comprehensive service for order following and tracking; 
3.Shipping cost inquiry to your destination port; 
4.OEM and customize design for you;
5.Friendly service and prompt reply within 24 hours


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