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How Does Roasted Peanut Peeling Machine Work?

riqiJul23, 2019 noteBy Serena
The dry type peanut peeling machine has high peeling rate and good peeling effect. After peeling, peanut has low damage rate, white color and invariability of protein. At the same time, skin and core are separated automatically. So you know how dose peanut peeling machine works? Then, it achieves such a good peeling effect.
How Does Roasted Peanut Peeling Machine Work
First, let's understand its internal structure in order to understand their peeling principle.
Roasted peanut peeling machine is composed of power unit (including motor, pulley, belt, bearing, etc.), frame, feed hopper, peeling roller (steel roller or sand roller), skin-absorbing fan, skin bucket, etc.
How Does Peanut Peeling Machine Work?
Peanut peeler is a special tool. From the perspective of professional analysis, it mainly includes two processes, the whole process is gradual:
1. Friction peeling
Using the roller-type structure, the dried peanuts hopper enters the host, and the red skin is removed by the high-speed peeling roller.
2. Separation of kernels:
Then the peanut is screened by sieve, and the suction system sucks the red skins away, separating the whole peanut kernels, the half-kernels and the broken corners.
See Video: How Does Roasted Peanut Peeling Machine Work?

Operational sequence:
1. Start the induced draft fan.
2. Rotating the discharging plate rod of the right peeler to raise the discharging plate and slow down the rapid outflow of raw materials.
3. Start the peeler.
4. Re-adjust the discharging plate to the optimum height with low half-grain rate and high decleaning rate.
Advantages of Roasted Peanut Peeling Machine
  • It has high peeling rate, high full rate.
  • Small volume, 220V or 380V, low energy consumption.
  • It has good effect of separating of kernels and red skins.
The roasted peanut peeling machine is necessary machine of deep process peanut. Mainly used for white peanut kernels, peanut butter, peanut milk before production such as the peeling.

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