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0.75kw Peanut Peeler Machine in India - Zhengzhou LONGER

riqiMay29, 2019 noteBy Serena
This 0.75 kw peanut peeler machine made by Zhengzhou LONGER is specially designed to remove the red skin of roasted peanut kernels. It can process 200 kg peanuts per hour. After skin peeling, peanuts are not broken, color white, protein invariance. Because of its low price and durability, the peanut peeling machine is very popular in India.
Roasted Peanut Peeler Machine India - Zhengzhou LONGER
The peanut peeler machine India adopts the working principle of differential rolling friction drive. The damage to peanut kernels is low. Peeling rate can reach 95%, and the skin and kernels can be separated automatically. The peeling effect is very good.
In addition, the machine has the characteristics of small size, low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy operation, stable performance, safe and reliable, good peeling effect and low half grain rate.

Application of Peanut Peeling Machine India
It is necessary machine of deep process peanut. Mainly used for blanched peanuts, peanut butter, peanut milk, peanut particles before production.
0.75 kw Peanut Peeling Machine in India

Precautions for use:
1. Use the instructions before use.
2. Check the peeler machine, to see if the parts are firm, whether the bearings need to add lubricating oil.
3. Check whether the steering of the rotor is consistent with the direction of the peanut peeling machine India.
4. In the use of the machine, it is necessary to join the batch of peanuts, try not to add debris.
5. Wash it after use and store it in a cool dry place.


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