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Small Groundnut Shelling Machine Transported to Kenya

riqiJun28, 2019 noteBy Serena
A small groundnut shelling machine was transported to Kenya with an output of 300 kg/h. Our series of peanut processing machines are very popular in Kenya.
The main part of the machine: metal frame, fan, rotor, motor, sifter, feeding hopper, vibration screen, belt pulley etc.

Structure Advantages of Groundnut Shelling Machine in Kenya:
  • Shell kernels are separated clean and peanut kernels are damaged little.
  • The double roll design has a high shelling rate of more than 98%.
  • The structure of secondary re-shellling also greatly improves the shellling rate.
  • High efficiency, 300-500kg/h, 800-1000kg/h can meet your requirements.
  • Compact structure, light weight and low power consumption.
 Groundnut Shelling Machine in Kenya

This small groundnut shelling machine can be used as an auxiliary equipment of edible oil processing machinery. These peanut seeds can be used as raw materials for snack food or oil plants; shells can be pelleted.

Working Principle of Groundnut Shelling Machine in Kenya
1. The pod through the feed port into the gap plate and rotating disc, the rotating disc dynamic centrifugal force. The grain movement along the radial direction, the friction plate and the pod asked in the opposite direction;

2. At the same time, grinding teeth on the shell to continue to cut, the housing in the action of friction force and shear force under the cracks until broken, and shell kernel separation, to achieve the purpose of shelling.

Groundnut Shelling Process in Factory:

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