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Industrial Peanut Butter Making Machine Sold to Pakistan

riqiMar30, 2023 noteBy Serena
We are very happy to announce that our set of industrial peanut butter making machine has been sold to SBC peanut butter manufacturer in Karachi, Pakistan. The whole set of equipment includes all equipment from peanut roasting to peanut butter canning, with a capacity of 100 kg/h. This set of peanut butter equipment is customized for manufacturers who want to try industrial peanut butter processing for the first time.

In this case study, we examine how SBC Peanut Butter Co., a Pakistan-based peanut butter manufacturer, succeeded by upgrading its industrialized equipment.
Industrial Peanut Butter Making Machine in Pakistan
Peanut Butter Market in Pakistan:
For decades, peanut butter has been a staple in many households in Pakistan. Whether spread on toast or as a topping in a variety of recipes, peanut butter has become a national favorite. As demand for peanut butter continues to grow, many manufacturers are turning to industrial production lines to increase efficiency and output.

Founded in 2010, SBC Peanut Butter Co. is a family-owned business located in Karachi, Pakistan. Initially, the company produced small batches of peanut butter by hand, using traditional methods. However, as demand for their products grew, SBC Peanut Butter Co. realized they needed to invest in an industrial peanut butter machine to keep up with demand.
One of the main challenges SBC Peanut Butter Co. faced was finding an industrial production line that could meet their specific needs. They needed a line that could produce large quantities of peanut butter while maintaining the quality and consistency of their product. Additionally, they wanted a line that was easy to operate and maintain, as they didn't have a large staff or budget for maintenance.
After extensive research, SBC Peanut Butter Company decided to invest in an industrial peanut butter production line from Zhengzhou Longer Machinery Company, a leading manufacturer of food processing equipment. After many times of communication with SBC company, our manager finally customized a plan for it. The line includes a range of peanut butter machines including roasters, blanchers and peanut butter grinders. The line is designed to produce peanut butter in large batches while ensuring the quality and consistency of the final product.
Our industrial peanut butter making machine proved to be a game changer for SBC Peanut Butter Co. Not only were they able to increase their production output, but they were also able to maintain the quality and consistency of their product. The line was easy to operate and maintain, which allowed the company to focus on other aspects of their business, such as marketing and sales. As a result, SBC Peanut Butter Co. was able to expand their customer base and increase their revenue.

Investing in industrial peanut butter making machinery proved to be a wise decision for SBC Peanut Butter Company. If you also want to be a peanut butter manufacturer, please contact us, we will provide you with customized peanut butter solutions.
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