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How to install and debug black gram skin removing machine?

riqiMar30, 2018 noteBy Serena
Installation of black gram skin removing machine:
1. When the unit is hoisted, the peeling machine and the leather kernel separating screen can be separately opened for hoisting. The hoisting point should be in the rack and other solid positions. Special attention must be paid to the hoisting of the tilting direction.
2. The crew must ensure ground level before installation. The whole gram skin removing machine should be balanced and stable during installation. It is necessary to ensure that there is a gap of 2 to 3 meters in front of or behind the separation screen of the skin to facilitate the removal of the screen surface. Suction hose must have a live connection device, easy to adjust the suction tube up and down position. The connection of the raw material inlet to the feeding hopper of the peeling machine requires a soft connection to reduce the vibration of the machine.

The precautions for debugging black gram skin remover
(1) When commissioning, all the transmission parts shall be filled with lubricating oil, and special attention shall be paid to the bearing position and vibration motor. Check carefully whether there is a card or a touch, and pay special attention to whether there are no iron, screws, and hard objects between the peeling rollers. The manual peeling roller is required to move freely. Then turn on the power adjustment direction. In accordance with (suction fan fan) → Peel separation sieve → Peeling machine → feed roller for the order boot (shut down otherwise). 30 minutes of empty test, carefully check the position of the bearings, the position of the motor drive, no abnormal sound, before a small amount of material test can be cast.
(2) According to the technical requirements of the peeling raw materials or the production process, the gap between the peeling rollers can be stopped and adjusted. The average soybean peeling is 2.5-3.5mm. Exchange the different pore size of the skin separator to meet the best technical requirements.
(3) It is strictly forbidden to start or shut down with the material. In the event of a sudden stoppage, it is necessary to manually remove the material from the roller and turn it freely before turning it on.
(4) During normal production, according to the production time, check the transmission parts regularly to ensure that the oil level and fasteners are normal. When the overhaul is over, the bearing cover can be opened. After the bearing is cleaned with gasoline, it is filled with butter.
(5) The double-nut must be used to lock the vibration motor, motor base, and transmission shaft to prevent the vibration of the motor from co-oscillation after the motor base is loosened, resulting in fracture of the transmission shaft.
(6) For the convenience of users, for the wearing parts, all kinds of material screening garments are stocked, and there are drawing and other processing equipment. No matter if the user comes in for a letter to handle the business, the company will serve it wholeheartedly.

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