Black Gram Skin Removing Machine Price in Chennai

Material: black gram
Capacity: 1000-15000kg/h
Loading Port: Qingdao Port


This black gram skin removing machine is suitable for process beans with a diameter of less than 25 mm, such as black gram, broad bean, soya bean, mung bean and pea etc.. It has two functions of peeling and splitting, and also has perfect peeling effect, reliable quality and long service life.

Matters needing attention
1, the beans usually contain small stone and other hard material, in the processing process, it is easy to damage the grinding disc. Before processing, it is necessary to pick it out with a sieve or artificial.
2, during the use process, the attrition rate of the beans increased and the output of the beans decreased when the grinding surface was worn out or the impurities (such as stones, screws, etc.) were removed to the surface of the millstones. In case of the above conditions, iron chisels or diamond cutting plates can be used to treat the grinding disc.
3, in the installation of a grinding disc, pay attention to the distance between the upper and lower grinding disc, the surrounding space is basically the same.
Black Gram Skin Removing Machine in Chennai

Purchase Notes
(1) The price of the problem: the actual price of the company to prevail!
(2) Equipment problems: All goods Our company carries out strict quality inspection before delivery, to ensure delivery without any problems!
(3) Equipment Pictures: Pictures are taken in kind, but due to light and display and other reasons there will be a slight color difference, please understand
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Black Gram Skin Removing Machine Price

Our Service
1. Pre-sale service 
In order to help customers win the market, the company specially for customers pre-costing, market information analysis, factory design and planning, so perfect.
2. Production technology training
In order to be responsible for the customer, after the sale of large equipment, our customers are proficient in the professional knowledge of equipment operation, maintenance and maintenance. The company allotted professional technicians to install and debug on-site to ensure the customers to produce qualified products.
3. After-sales maintenance services
The company has technical support hotline, in time for the majority of users to answer, rule out a variety of difficult problems in the production process, and with full-time technical division visit the majority of customers, in time for the user to provide equipment maintenance and warranty services.

Technical Data

Model LGDP-2
Motor 4+0.75+0.39
Disc diameter(mm) 500
Peeling Rate >95%
Capacity(kg/h) 1000-1500
Net weight(kg) 400
Dimension(mm) 600*1400*2000
Moisture <12-14%


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