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500 kg/h Automatic Cashew Nut Processing Machine Sold to India

riqiMar08, 2019 noteBy Serena
Our full set automatic cashew nut processing machine was sold to India on March 15, 2018. It's capacity is 500 kg/h.

The set is a special cashew processing machine that removes cashew nut hard shell and separate shells kernels. The India customer was currently engaged in the peanut business, and now wanted to engage in the cashew processing industry and set up a cashew processing plant. Currently he only wanted to process 500kg cashew per hour.

The autoamtic cashew nut processing machine Inida is composed of cashew nut cleaning machine, cashew cooking machine, cashew nut shelling machine, shells kernel separating machine, nuts roasting machine, cashew kernel peeling machine etc. Cashews can be shelled peeled with these machine after they have been divided into 3-5 grades by their width using grading machine, then you can get perfect shelling effect. We can customized these machines according your requirements.

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Cashew Nut Processing Machine Manufacturer India
Automatic Cashew Nut Processing Machine India

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