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How are Hazelnuts Shelled Commercially?

riqiSep27, 2021 noteBy Serena
Hazelnuts have a hard shell, and it takes a certain way to remove it. So how are hazelnuts shelled commercially?

Hazelnut is one of the four famous nuts in the world. It is rich in nutrients and has become an excellent food that people like to eat. Usually we need to use certain equipment and skills to easily remove the hazelnut shells and eat delicious hazelnuts.
How are Hazelnuts Shelled Commercially?

How are Hazelnuts Shelled Commercially?

1 Hazelnut Shelling Machine
The machine is mainly composed of feeding and lifting, one, two and three stages of processing rollers, all levels of discharge screens and vibrating screens. The shell is crushed by the squeezing of the two rollers, and then the shell and the kernel flow out through the discharge port together. The machine can process three hazelnuts of different specifications at the same time.

2 Hazelnut Shell and Kernel Separator
Mix the hazelnut shells and kernels, which can be separated by the machine. This machine uses the characteristics of different specific gravity and suspension speed of kernels and shells, and promotes the separation of hazelnut kernels and broken shells by means of the airflow passing upward through the particle gap. The larger the gap between the kernel and the shell, the better the separation effect.
Hazelnut Sheller and Separator Machine
How Do You Shell Hazelnuts at Home?

1 Hot water soaking method: Wash the raw hazelnuts and put them in a container, add a little salt, immerse in boiling water, and then cover the pot. After 5 minutes, take out the hazelnuts and cut them, and the chestnut skin will fall off along with the hazelnut shells. This method saves time and effort to remove hazelnut shells.

2 Refrigerator freezing method: After the hazelnuts are cooked, cool them and put them in the refrigerator for two hours to separate the shells and kernels. In this way, the hazelnut skin is peeled quickly and the hazelnut kernel is complete.

3 Microwave heating method: Use scissors to cut the shell of the raw hazelnuts you bought, and heat them in a microwave oven at high temperature for 30 seconds. The hazelnut skins and kernels inside will automatically separate. Before using this method to remove the hazelnut shell, be sure to cut the shell, otherwise it may cause the microwave oven to malfunction.
How Do You Shell Hazelnuts at Home?

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