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Almond Shelling Processing Steps in Factory

riqiAug05, 2019 noteBy Serena
Almond shelling processing steps are: separating almonds into some level according to the size, shelling almond hard shells, separating almond kernels and shells, then you get almond kernels.
  • If you want to get different sizes of almonds, you can use a classifier and grade the almonds.
  • If you also want to remove the almond skins, you will need to use the almond blanching machine, peeler and baking machine for further processing.

Almond Processing Flow Chart:
Almond Processing Steps in Factory
In the factory, the shelling processing steps of almond nuts is extremely complicated. After the above processing, the almonds can be packaged for sale, or further processed, such as salting, seasoning, roasting, chopping, slicing, and the like.

For an almond processing plant, an almond processing line is essential. It can help you complete the above complex process efficiently and quickly, and the effect of shelling and separation is better.

Almond Shelling and Processing Equipment
  • Our factory manufacture automatic almond processing line which is a best device to remove hard almond shells.
  • The machine is also suitable for hazelnut, palm kernels etc.
  • It includes almond grader, almond shelling unit, almond shells and kernel screening machine etc. It is automatic feeding with the hoister.
  • The process line has the advantages of small occupied space, long service life, convenient maintenance, and high quality and low price.
Almond Processing Factory in China
We can supply all the almond processing machines, if you need these machines, just feel free to contact me.
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