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How to thoroughly clean the almond butter grinder machine?

riqiNov29, 2017 noteBy Serena
The stainless steel almond butter grinder is one of our high sales single machine equipment. Colloid mill is widely used in various fields, such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical, construction and other industries. In the near future, our after-sales department often receives telephone calls from customers. How should we thoroughly clean the residue in the machine after the use of the almond grinding machine? For the problem of cleaning the colloid mill, let's talk about it.
The cleaning methods are as follows:
1. After the colloid mill stops working, the material remaining in the machine is thoroughly rinsed with water, and then the power supply is shut down and cut off.
2, a feed hopper, a discharge pipe, outlet, switch gear, and set the gap adjusting sleeve are removed in turn, and moved to the clean area cleaning.
3, recommend using a brush or tweezers interdental cleaning groove, waste residue, and rinse it clean with water.
4, it is recommended to clean the surface of the disassembled parts with the cleaning agent, and pay attention to the cleaning of the dirt in the gap, then rinse with clean water, and dry it naturally.
5, clean the parts that cannot be disassembled online, rinse the waste residue in the grinding slot with clean water, wash the grooves with brush and dipping cleaners, and rinse them with clean water.
6, use the cleaning agent to scrub the outer surface of the main part, wipe off the remaining cleaning agent on the outer surface of the subject with clean wet cloth and wipe it with dry cloth.

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