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Almond Milk Making Machine Sell to India

riqiDec04, 2017 noteBy Serena
The middle of last month, Mr Vipin search on the web  go to our website to see the almond milk making machine product page, colloid grinding equipment detail of products within the page and try machine making plans let Mr. interested in colloid mill equipment. At the same time, direct click on the online consultation on the web page, contact the customer service personnel to communicate.
After communication and understanding that this is a almond milk beverage company procurement staff, want to buy a steel wear equipment for almond milk production line, production capacity very day around 1-2T.
Finally, the gentleman selected the colloid mill equipment, the customer service personnel immediately asked whether the staff in the warehouse were in stock. The warehouse staff said the almond milk making machine was not in stock, and it took at least 5 days to get in stock. After that, the customer service personnel contacted Mr.Vipin immediately to explain the situation. He replied that he could go directly to the purchase order of a colloid mill, and at the same time, he decided the address, the payment, the packing and the delivery time.
11.25, LGJMS-180 type almond milk making machine has been finished and debugged and ready to be shipped.

Almond Milk Making Machine India

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