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Almond Cracking Machine Arrived in Pakistan

riqiAug17, 2021 noteBy Serena
Our set of almond cracking machine arrived in Pakistan, including three equipments, grading machine, almond shelling machine, and shell kernel separator. The output is 300-500 kg/h, and the voltage is 380V.
Almond Cracking Machine in Pakistan
1. Almond Grading Machine
According to the size of almonds, they are divided into different grades (two grades, three grades, four grades, etc.). The grading is to make the shelling machine more efficient. The screen size is customized according to the almond size range.

2. Almond Cracking Machine in Pakistan
Single-stage shelling, high shelling rate, saving manpower. By adjusting the gap between the processing rollers, different sizes of almonds can be processed. After the almonds are shelled once, there will be some unbroken almonds, which need to be screened out, and then adjust the gap of the sheller to break the shells again.

3. Shell and Kernel Separator Machine
Separate the shells and kernels in the shell and kernel mixture after passing through the sheller. The structure is simple and easy to operate. This machine is mainly used to separate the shells of almonds, apricot kernels, hazelnuts and palms. It is a supporting equipment for the shelling production line.
Almond Cracking Processing Machine in Pakistan
The Pakistani customer is an almond grower and has just started his own almond processing business. This set of equipment has low price and low investment, which is very necessary for small almond processing plants.
If you also need this almond equipment, welcome to contact us, we will provide you with the best price and service.
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